• Don’t be frighten away by the 4M “Hello World” - [C++ sucks]



    "I like WPF because it helps me build nice user interface. What I can’t bear is its huge program size. A simple ‘Hello World' takes up 4M disk size!"

    True that a 4M hello world is big. True until you stop building “Hello Worlds” to your customers. What customers need usually is not a “Hello World”, they need you to simplify their very complicated business logic, they need your program to be safe and robust, they need nice-looking and easy-to-use UI, they need much more!

    As you start adding features you customers asked for, you realized that  there’s much provided in the 4M – there’s support for data accessing, imaging, user interface and threading; thread safety and network safety is taken care of; just everything is very handy! When the features are complete you found the program size has grown from 4M to 4.5M.

    You come to think of before when you were using C, yes, the program had grown from 4K to 45M!